Here we go again...

Tires pumped? Rollers ready? Jersey pressed? (Just kidding.)


Here we go again folks.

Just a few short hours until 5:45.

Maglianero, 47 Maple Street.


Last one of the season.

See you there.


Riding Tomorrow Night

Tomorrow night, March 29, 5:45 at Maglianero! (47 Maple Street in Burlington)

We'll do one more indoor group ride to close out the winter. If you haven't been to one of these rides yet, this is your last chance for the season!

SWEAT! to the euro-techno beat of Sufferfest Fight Club!

GRUNT! Through the workout you get from moving the big heavy tables out of the way!
Big Tables.

THRILL To the fun of doing a group trainer ride with other like-minded cyclists!
It's More Fun to Suffer Together.

Bring your bike, trainer, towel, five bucks, and the ability to sign a release.

Twitter:         @VTindoorcycling
Google+:      Vtindoorcycling
Facebook:    Vermont Indoor Cycling 

Last chance for the season.
We hope to see you there.


Don't Move from Burlington to Portland, move Portland to Burlington...



Seriously, the "bike train to school" thing has to be one of the coolest implementations of bike transportation I've ever seen.

How many of us have been riding on Williston Road, buzzed by cars, or driving somewhere we could have ridden to but it didn't feel safe, or looked for a place to lock our bike up at a store and found there was no rack anywhere near the door? How many of us would ride to work, but there's no shower? How many of us have just wanted to chuck it all and move to the bike paradise that is Portland?  Better idea: what can we do to get improve the cycling experience in Burlington , so we don't want to move to Portland all the time?

Most of the time, VTIndoor and this blog is focused on training, training hard, doing intervals, and sweating and all that good stuff. But most of us have a life to live the other 167 hours of the week.  Much of that life can be lived, nay, enhanced on a bike. And the way to do that is to use bikes every day. Here's your challenge, folks:

  • This week, come ride with us Thursday night for one more indoor session at Maglianero. 
  • In the next week, take one trip that would have been a car trip and do it on the bike. In street clothes. 
  • In the next month, do something to advocate for better cycling infrastructure. 
  • In the next season, help somebody you know get on a bike. Build up your beater for them, take them on a ride, show them how to change a tire. 
  • In the next year, get involved with your local bike/walk council, rec path committee, planning commission, Local Motion, whatever. these people are out there, and they are working to do good things in your community. Join them. 
See you Thursday night. 


Great Ride last Night! One More to Go!

We have one ride left, next week. March 29th. In the meantime, read this excellent essay on Embrocation by Nathaniel Ward about the unexpected joys of balancing fatherhood and bike training. As a trailer-owning new father I found it inspiring. 

See you next week. 



Tonight, We Ride!

Check previous posts for details, wrap up the office portion of your day, put on the velobeats and GET PUMPED!  It's almost time to ride!


Thursday Night Indoor Group Ride is ON!

Hey all-

It's going to be 80+ degrees out this week.

You've probably all gotten outside and had some sweet, fresh-air, outdoor, bugs-in-your-teeth miles.

But there's a little matter of karma. The cycling-weather gods must get their due. And payment is due in the form of indoor sweat, rubber dust, and the whine of tires on aluminum.

Want it to stay nice out for spring? Don't tempt fate by giving up on Thursday indoor group rides at Maglianero! If we don't ride inside this week and next week, we will be tempting fate for a slushy, rainy, no-fun April and May- and who wants that? The price of good karma and pleasant spring weather is two more Thursday nights spent indoors.

The GMBC spin may be canceled this week- but we will ride this Thursday night, March 22 and next Thursday night, March 29 at Maglianero like usual!

Bring your bike, trainer, clothes, towels and five bucks. Email vtindoorcycling@gmail.com with questions.


Reminder: No Ride Tonight! Ride next week...

...and the week after that. Ride on your own tonight or punish yourself by watching this video of dancing keirin  riders:



A Complete Street for Williston Road- Monday March 19, SB City Council

Here at VTIndoor, we ride inside in the off-season to get some training in, but all of us ride outside, too. Many of us use our bikes to get around as well as to train and compete. If you've ever run the gauntlet on Williston Road, you know that there is no accommodation for cyclists built into it. You probably avoid riding on Williston Road at all costs, even though it is the most direct connection between Downtown Burlington, South Burlington, and Williston.

Here's a chance to take a step in the right direction: This summer, Williston Road will be repaved from the intersection with 116/Patchen to the Ace Hardware past the airport. A small group has formed to ask the South Burlington City Council to consider a pilot "Complete Street" project as a part of the repaving. This would generally reduce the road from four vehicle lanes to three (with the middle lane as a turn lane" and would add bicycle lanes to the road surface.

Colchester Avenue in Burlington before and after its Complete Street conversion

The South Burlington City Council is meeting on Monday to discuss the possibility of trying out this Complete Street configuration to see if it will work. While there will be an impact on motor vehicle traffic (generally making Williston Road a slower trip for motorists during peak hours ), the road would be made immeasurably safer for bicyclists and pedestrians. Here's the email notice I got about the meeting:

TO: All interested in a Williston Road “Complete Streets Trial” this summer

City Council has agreed to re-consider whether to recommend a trial at its upcoming meeting at 7pm Monday, March 19th at South Burlington City Hall -575 Dorset Street.

Whether to prioritize continued motorist use of Williston Road, many of whom are simply “passing through” will need to be discussed and weighed versus placing an increased priority on more local S.B. neighborhood, bicyclist, pedestrian, speed and safety concerns which might involve somewhat greater traffic delay during certain peak traffic times of day.

Comments from interested parties will be important to a complete and thoughtful City Council discussion and decision.

Please try to attend.

Rick Hubbard
Chair, South Burlington Recreation Path Committee


Great Ride Last Week, No Ride This Week, Rides on March 22 and 29

What a great ride last week! We had seven riders show up to test their mettle against the Sufferfest!  We will not ride this week due to another event at the same time at Maglianero but we do plan to ride on March 22 and March 29. Hopefully after that it will really and truly be spring and we can all get outside until next winter!



Riding Tonight!

VT Indoor lives for Thursday Nights! We'll get together at Maglianero once again for an indoor group ride at 5:45- ride starts at 6:30 and goes for an hour. Check the previous couple of posts for details and LET'S RIDE!


Outside Rides

Although this blog and VTIndoor is dedicated primarily to a niche-of-niches within the bike world (outdoor cyclists who sometimes like to train indoors and would like to train indoors with other people once in awhile- yeah, draw that Venn diagram), it's not like we don't all like, nay, prefer to ride outside. It's why we ride inside when we cant get out, to make the outside rides more enjoyable. To stay sharp.

Well, today, my friends, it is forecast to be nearly 50 degrees and partly sunny, and this indoor cyclist was more than happy to get outside for a quick morning ride before work.

On the winter bike.

With the smooshy tires.

And the 30mph headwind coming out of the south (because all that warm air has to come from somewhere).

Gone are the high cadences, the easy spin. Replaced by huffing, puffing, pedaling squares for sure. Not to mention traffic, road grime, numb ears and hands, and a windbreaker with tarp-like aerodynamics. Not exactly glamorous, but that's what early season riding can be like. It's nice to have the trainer there too, in the early season. It's nice to get on there and spin like a hero for an hour, and dream of those bright, mild, windless days that will be coming to us in Vermont very shortly.

Until those days get here, cycling outdoors will be a largely functional affair, and the hero stuff will have to happen inside. Come train with us tomorrow night. You won't regret it.


Thursday, March 8 Indoor Group Ride is ON at Maglianero!

We are ON for Thursday night at Maglianero!  Show up there at 5:45 with your bike, trainer, and five bucks and LET'S RIDE!  Details below:

Weekly indoor group rides.

Next ride is Thursday, March 8
Doors open at 5:45 and we'll start riding by 6:30. Rides will last about an hour.

Maglianero, 47 Maple Street in Burlington.

Cyclists of all abilities who want to ride inside with other cyclists!

What do I need to bring?
You'll need to bring your trainer, your bike, a towel or mat to put under your bike/trainer, another towel for yourself, your bike shoes, and water to drink. Basically everything you use to train at home. We'll set up the sound and video. To offset the costs of keeping the space open at night, please bring $5 cash each night. Please also be prepared to sign a release form. 

You may wish to have a computer on your bike. The videos will give you an effort level on a 1-10 scale and sometimes will prompt you to use a certain cadence- if you want to be able to follow those instructions, a bike computer that shows cadence will help, but if you can estimate your effort level on a scale from 1-10, you can easily follow along without a computer at all. 

Please be prepared to help move tables and chairs, set up, and clean up after ourselves when the ride is over. We want to be model citizens of the excellent space Maglianero has created for cyclists in Burlington!

What kind of ride will this be anyway?
We'll be using training videos from the excellent sufferfest series (www.thesufferfest.com). Expect beautiful footage of bike racing all over the world combined with a pounding beat and on-screen prompts that tell you when to spin, when to sprint, when to recover, and when to really dig in! 

Do I have to be some kind of crazy bike racer to do this?
No way! These workouts can be as hard or as easy as you want them to be. Just be comfortable riding your bike on whatever trainer you bring with you. If you want to come and really push hard, great! If you want to just spin away while listening to the music and watching the race footage, that's totally cool too. 

Any questions? 
Please email vtindoorcycling@gmail.com with any questions. 

Thanks, and happy riding!

Vermont Indoor Cycling

Twitter:         @VTindoorcycling
Google+:      Vtindoorcycling
Facebook:    Vermont Indoor Cycling 


More Riding Alone

The weekends are a blur in my house. The toddler tornado ceases only for a brief midday nap and social dates abound. Between chores and childcare, I hadn't done anything, exercise-wise, by the time Sunday night rolled around. Combined with my weekend-typical lapsed food discipline, I was feeling bloated, burned out, and lazy.

Time for a ride.

Rollers don't have a lot of resistance, and it is relatively easy to spin them at high speeds once your balance is sorted out. The speed you see on your computer has little relationship to what conditions are like out on the pavement (no wind resistance). Still, I have developed a pretty good feel for what is a hard versus an easy workout. 20 miles in an hour is a easy recovery day. A typical Sufferfest Fight Club session yields around 25 miles in the same hour.
The rollers are always there, waiting for you.

Last night, I just went for 25 miles an hour for the whole hour. That's a pretty boring workout, but a workout nonetheless. I picked a gear that would let me do it at about 87-88 RPM, and called it good.  Big pool of sweat under the rollers, burning legs, all of that. I felt at least a little redeemed of my wayward dietary choices and mentally reset. Ready for the week. Ready for something easier tonight and a taper up to Thursday, when we'll go to Maglianero and pound out another tough workout, together.



Great Ride Last Night!

The last of the day's light on the railings at Maglianero.

The screen was repaired in short order with a zip-tie.

A fixie ready for the hour's ride.

Best shot we could get of the screen with cycling footage projected on it. The video looks pretty good at this size. 


More riders!


Ride Tonight! 5:45 at Maglianero!

You know the drill folks. It may be cold, wet, and nasty outside, but it will be warm and dry inside at Maglianero tonight as we get together once again to ride our trainers for an hour to the best racing footage and pounding euro/techno beats that The Sufferfest has to offer! Details are all in previous posts, basics below:

  • 5:45PM
  • Maglianero, 47 Maple Street
  • Bring: bike, trainer, towel, five bucks
  • Ride starts at 6:30 and goes for an hour

Come in out of the cold to spin, come in out of the cold to flog yourself to exhaustion on the bike, or anything in between but for heaven's sake come on down and ride inside!