More Riding Alone

The weekends are a blur in my house. The toddler tornado ceases only for a brief midday nap and social dates abound. Between chores and childcare, I hadn't done anything, exercise-wise, by the time Sunday night rolled around. Combined with my weekend-typical lapsed food discipline, I was feeling bloated, burned out, and lazy.

Time for a ride.

Rollers don't have a lot of resistance, and it is relatively easy to spin them at high speeds once your balance is sorted out. The speed you see on your computer has little relationship to what conditions are like out on the pavement (no wind resistance). Still, I have developed a pretty good feel for what is a hard versus an easy workout. 20 miles in an hour is a easy recovery day. A typical Sufferfest Fight Club session yields around 25 miles in the same hour.
The rollers are always there, waiting for you.

Last night, I just went for 25 miles an hour for the whole hour. That's a pretty boring workout, but a workout nonetheless. I picked a gear that would let me do it at about 87-88 RPM, and called it good.  Big pool of sweat under the rollers, burning legs, all of that. I felt at least a little redeemed of my wayward dietary choices and mentally reset. Ready for the week. Ready for something easier tonight and a taper up to Thursday, when we'll go to Maglianero and pound out another tough workout, together.