Outside Rides

Although this blog and VTIndoor is dedicated primarily to a niche-of-niches within the bike world (outdoor cyclists who sometimes like to train indoors and would like to train indoors with other people once in awhile- yeah, draw that Venn diagram), it's not like we don't all like, nay, prefer to ride outside. It's why we ride inside when we cant get out, to make the outside rides more enjoyable. To stay sharp.

Well, today, my friends, it is forecast to be nearly 50 degrees and partly sunny, and this indoor cyclist was more than happy to get outside for a quick morning ride before work.

On the winter bike.

With the smooshy tires.

And the 30mph headwind coming out of the south (because all that warm air has to come from somewhere).

Gone are the high cadences, the easy spin. Replaced by huffing, puffing, pedaling squares for sure. Not to mention traffic, road grime, numb ears and hands, and a windbreaker with tarp-like aerodynamics. Not exactly glamorous, but that's what early season riding can be like. It's nice to have the trainer there too, in the early season. It's nice to get on there and spin like a hero for an hour, and dream of those bright, mild, windless days that will be coming to us in Vermont very shortly.

Until those days get here, cycling outdoors will be a largely functional affair, and the hero stuff will have to happen inside. Come train with us tomorrow night. You won't regret it.