Thursday, March 8 Indoor Group Ride is ON at Maglianero!

We are ON for Thursday night at Maglianero!  Show up there at 5:45 with your bike, trainer, and five bucks and LET'S RIDE!  Details below:

Weekly indoor group rides.

Next ride is Thursday, March 8
Doors open at 5:45 and we'll start riding by 6:30. Rides will last about an hour.

Maglianero, 47 Maple Street in Burlington.

Cyclists of all abilities who want to ride inside with other cyclists!

What do I need to bring?
You'll need to bring your trainer, your bike, a towel or mat to put under your bike/trainer, another towel for yourself, your bike shoes, and water to drink. Basically everything you use to train at home. We'll set up the sound and video. To offset the costs of keeping the space open at night, please bring $5 cash each night. Please also be prepared to sign a release form. 

You may wish to have a computer on your bike. The videos will give you an effort level on a 1-10 scale and sometimes will prompt you to use a certain cadence- if you want to be able to follow those instructions, a bike computer that shows cadence will help, but if you can estimate your effort level on a scale from 1-10, you can easily follow along without a computer at all. 

Please be prepared to help move tables and chairs, set up, and clean up after ourselves when the ride is over. We want to be model citizens of the excellent space Maglianero has created for cyclists in Burlington!

What kind of ride will this be anyway?
We'll be using training videos from the excellent sufferfest series (www.thesufferfest.com). Expect beautiful footage of bike racing all over the world combined with a pounding beat and on-screen prompts that tell you when to spin, when to sprint, when to recover, and when to really dig in! 

Do I have to be some kind of crazy bike racer to do this?
No way! These workouts can be as hard or as easy as you want them to be. Just be comfortable riding your bike on whatever trainer you bring with you. If you want to come and really push hard, great! If you want to just spin away while listening to the music and watching the race footage, that's totally cool too. 

Any questions? 
Please email vtindoorcycling@gmail.com with any questions. 

Thanks, and happy riding!

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