Thursday Night Indoor Group Ride is ON!

Hey all-

It's going to be 80+ degrees out this week.

You've probably all gotten outside and had some sweet, fresh-air, outdoor, bugs-in-your-teeth miles.

But there's a little matter of karma. The cycling-weather gods must get their due. And payment is due in the form of indoor sweat, rubber dust, and the whine of tires on aluminum.

Want it to stay nice out for spring? Don't tempt fate by giving up on Thursday indoor group rides at Maglianero! If we don't ride inside this week and next week, we will be tempting fate for a slushy, rainy, no-fun April and May- and who wants that? The price of good karma and pleasant spring weather is two more Thursday nights spent indoors.

The GMBC spin may be canceled this week- but we will ride this Thursday night, March 22 and next Thursday night, March 29 at Maglianero like usual!

Bring your bike, trainer, clothes, towels and five bucks. Email vtindoorcycling@gmail.com with questions.