There's a Hole in My Heart...

...where our weekly Thursday night indoor group rides used to be.

It's April. There have been some nice days, and some gray days. There have been days that were really busy when it was dark by the time everything was done and there was some headspace for riding. I'm still on the rollers, alone at home...

But it's April, after all, and spring is here/coming/occluded by snowflakes on occasion. It's time to get outside more. It's time to get outside now because if you don't before you know it it will be fall again. It happens really quickly in Vermont, this summer thing. If you only ride outside when it isn't a little too cold, a little too windy, a little too wet, you won't ride outside much at all.

We'll be back inside next year, and please, keep in touch with this site for updates over the summer and fall.

Last week and before, ideas have circulated among the group for "off-season" activities. Everything from regular old outdoor group rides (perhaps starting/finishing at the ever-awesome Maglianero) to group trainer rides under cover (like under a carport or tent) when it is really nasty out, to late-night group rides to a "bike-in" movie, say on top of the parking garage or some other interesting location. All great ideas.

As for me, I have a little summer wish list going for stuff I'd like to have in place for next fall:

  1. More riders. Tell your friends- we have plenty of room for more riders, and you are all what makes this thing so great!
  2. More Sufferfest videos. I want to buy the Sufferfest "10-pack" with group versions of all of the Sufferfest videos. This will enable us to put some more variety into the program. The price is steep- $300- but I think we can pull it together in time for the fall. 
  3. Our own projecting and sound gear. Once again, Maglianero and JDK really came through this winter by loaning us their projector and having a screen available- and I had a janky set of speakers we could use and a laptop to hook to all of it. Eventually, I'd like to have all of that stuff in a dedicated kit, so in the event that I'm not able to do a ride, somebody else can pick up the kit and go with it!
  4. Loaner trainers- it would be great to assemble a collection of loaner resistance trainers for those who do not have their own. 
  5. Finally- and this plays into the rest of our desires- sponsorship! I'd like to find some local businesses who might be willing to give us some money, either to help pay for the gear we need, to donate the gear we need, or to help offset the cost of the rides themselves, so maybe everybody is paying two or three (or zero!) bucks a night to ride. 
So stay tuned, fellow riders, and we'll see you all at the end of the fall or sooner.