I love good coffee, like I love good beer and good food. Sometimes I love less-than good coffee, beer and food as well. It's a big tent, what can I say? Kind of like bicycles. $3000.00 road machine? Very fun to ride. Dumpster bike? Also fun. Best to have both in the stable.

But Coffee.

Unlike most downtown-Burlingtonistas, who have Maglianero and others to serve their coffee needs, I am not advantageously situated when it comes to coffee. Nevertheless, the big tent prevails. The corner mini mart near my office has been a regular lunchtime stop for me for years, for a pump-and-go, whatever's in the carafe-no-matter when-it-was-brewed-I-just-need-to-stay-awake cup. To the tune of 2 bucks a day, 10 bucks a week.

Not this fall. Not this summer and not this spring before that. I have forgone my middle-of-the-day, middle-of-the-road cup of coffee for most of this year now. Slowly, painstakingly, $2 a day, I have scrimped and saved for one thing and one thing only:

Behold, the Sufferfest "Group and Class" 10-Pack. It costs $300. I'm buying it with my coffee money. Weeks and weeks and months worth. For the racer who can't stand another night of lonely intervals. For the new cyclist who bought a trainer and has no idea what to do with it. For the commuter who is looking to keep the motor tuned up for spring. Anybody who wants to be on a bike can get something out of these sessions.

This set of training videos is my investment in all of us, our little part of making the Burlington area a world-class cycling city. Just a piece of the picture, from our great shops, great advocacy organizations, to our soon to be great and getting better bike infrastructure. It's totally worth it to me to give up 30 weeks of nasty cheap coffee to bring this experience to Vermont's cycling community. I can't wait to get started.




It's Coming...

VTIndoor's winter season starts November 1 and it's coming up faster than you think! Details soon, but you can bet for sure we'll have a full menu of Sufferfest videos on tap for our group rides. in case you were wondering what areas of cycling we'll be covering, the good people at www.thesufferfest.com have put together a nice little diagram:

See you soon!