Indoor Group Ride 12/13 at Maglianero, Last Chance for 2012!

Helloooo cyclists!

Last chance for an indoor ride this year, as Maglianero will be closed 12/20 and 12/27! (We'll be back on 1/3, though!)

So, as an end of the year homage to 2012, the year VTIndoor all got started, let's take it back to the one and only ride we did all last winter (because I hadn't bought the 10-pack yet) and do Fight Club:

Yeah, Fight Club, TT efforts, climbs, and 110% effort level ATTACKS! You know you love it.

Here's how it goes:

How long: 58minutes

What it’s about: Circuit race simulation

Best for: Increasing ability to go from high-speed flat racing to sharp climbs, all while responding to surprise attacks.

The Fight Club cycling training videos is scrappy, messy, and unpredictable. Like a real bike race, you’re working hard to stay with the leaders, while fending off attacks and doing your best to make the race by attacking as well. This is the only cycling workout video featuring officially licensed footage from the UCI Road World Championships in Mendrisio, Switzerland. You’ll be racing with – and against – Cancellara, Evans, Kolobnev, Cunego, Gilbert, Wiggins, Martin and more!


Fight Club was designed to build power over longer durations, while increasing leg-speed through 23 (!) unannounced ‘attacks’ that will challenge you to accelerate and then recover while still making a massive effort. Here’s what you’ll get over the roughly 60 minutes:

5:00 warm-up
Five ‘laps’ of circuit racing, featuring footage from the UCI World Championship Time Trial and Road Race:
1st lap:

6:00 of tempo riding, with a few attacks to break up the field

1:00 recovery

2nd – 5th lap:
4:00 time trial effort (with more attacks!)
2:30 climbing (with even more surprise attacks!)
3:00 recovery (no attacks – we’re cruel, but not that cruel)

5:00 minute warm-down

See you there.


Indoor Group Ride 12/6 at Maglianero (Please Note Earlier Start)

Greetings Cyclists!

Thursday night will be upon us again before you know it!  We went short last week, so let's go l_o_n_g this week with Hell Hath No Fury.

IMPORTANT: This ride is longer, so in order to get it all in we are going to try to start riding by 6:10 instead of our usual leisurely 6:30 start. If you can't get set up in time for 6:10, just fill in the back and get going as soon as you can!

Here's what you're in for:


You are a Sufferlandrian. And you’re racing for the Sufferlandrian National Team in the Tour of Sufferlandria. You’re expected to take the leader’s jersey (and a very special jersey it is) over the race, the stages of which are:

3:30 Warm-up

5:30 Stage 1: Easy, flat terrain with a few accelerations

20:00 Stage 2: Rolling terrain with a series of brutal attacks as the pack tries to take the lead from you

6:00 Recovery

20:00 Stage 3: More rolling, aggressive, attacking racing in which you try to break away to get the lead back

4:00 Recovery

3:30 Stage 4: A desperate Team Time Trial in which you have to crush yourself in order to take the lead, and the Tour of Sufferlandria victory

6:00 Recovery, featuring Mental Training Reflection from Athlete’s Audio

Bring your bike, trainer/rollers, towel, and five bucks.
 Be over 18 or bring a parent/guardian to sign a release. All money goes to Maglianero to use the space.

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