Indoor Group Ride, Thursday, 1/17 at Maglianero Cafe

Greetings cyclists!

(If all you need to know is where, when and what, the answer is Maglianero, 47 Maple Street in Burlington, 5:45 PM to set up and the ride starts at 6:30 this week. Bring your bike, your trainer, five bucks, water and a towel. )

We rode long, long, long last week so let's shorten it up this week with The Wretched. I said the ride will be shorter, but if you're looking for a workout, I think you'll find plenty of intensity in this one.

Unlike the other Sufferfest videos, this workout does not have a clear structure. But that’s how road races are – you have a general idea of what the course is like (see below), but you don’t really know how the race will unfold. So, The Wretched will keep you guessing – and anticipating what your rivals are going to do. You’ll never know when an attack is coming – and they usually come when you most wish they wouldn’t.

7:00 warm-up
35:00 Tour de France stage featuring flats, three major climbs, three very short descents, a valley and a rolling run in to the finish.
4:00 Cool down

Anybody who wants to make sure their workout is a full hour (or more) is welcome to set up and warm up ahead of the 6:30 start time. Once I have the projector running, I'll throw on some cycling eye candy of some kind as a prelude.

Stick one somewhere. 

If it's your first ride with us for the new year, I have one of our fabulous stickers to give to you. If you already got your free one and you'd like more, you can buy them from me for a buck a piece, with all proceeds going to fund VTIndoor.

See you there,