Indoor Group Ride, Thursday 1/3 at Maglianero, 5:45 PM. Also, Stickers, Prizes, and More!

Happy New Year, everybody!

Well, this is it. 2013 is upon us. The holiday foods and libations have been consumed, and if you're like me, you're probably coming off a few weeks of interrupted training schedules, too. In the mean time, winter actually showed up and the roads have gotten pretty dicey. I heard a rumor today of a January thaw in a week or so, but tonight we'll be going well below zero, and it's dark. Instead of ruing the trainer and the indoor training, why not come celebrate it with VTIndoor this week! If you'd like to hear some musings about what we'll be up to in the new year and a description of this week's ride, keep scrolling.  If all you need to know is where and when, then read no further:

Maglianero Cafe, 47 Maple Street in Burlington. Doors open at 5:45, ride starts by 6:30. Bring your bike, trainer, towel, and 5 bucks. 

As I recapped 2012's cycling memories, my mind wandered to days when the sun and I were up early, the air was calm and the roads clear. Days when the machine was well-tuned and the rider was feeling pretty darn good, too (no small thanks to those indoor base miles and interval sessions I had laid in). Days like this one:

I'm sure you all have some of those happy memories too. So consider the next three months your investment in being able to take the greatest advantage of those days when they come around again.

New Stuff:
I have a couple of new things on tap for the new year. First, we had some stickers made. They came out pretty nicely, If I do say so myself:

So here's the deal: Come and ride, get a sticker. First one's free, then they're a buck each, with all proceeds going to VTIndoor.

I'll also be sending a letter out to some of our local shops and bike/outdoor industry business types over the next couple of weeks. In that letter, I'll be asking them if they'd be willing to support our indoor group ride, either by helping to subsidize the cost of running the program or by contributing fabulous prizes to be awarded to our intrepid participants. On the back of that letter will be this poster, which, if the recipient has a retail function, they can put up to help attract new riders:

Click for big, download and print to share the love. 

If you are reading this and you know a person or a business who might be interested in partnering with VTIndoor, or who might want to put up our posters somewhere, just click on the image above to download a copy and go for it! All I ask is that posters are put up respectfully and with permission of whoever needs to give it. If you know somebody I should approach with my "ask" letter, just let me know and I'm on it!

Prizes for Attendance:
We already have a small swag pile at VTIndoor world headquarters and I know we'll be adding to it. For 2013, starting this week through the last ride in March, we'll keep attendance. Every ride you come to will be worth one ticket in the raffle we'll hold at the last indoor ride of the year. Ride more, win more!

This Week's Ride:
On tap for this week, we have one of the newest Sufferfest videos: There is No Try.

So that should be fun. Here's what the workout looks like, but as always if you just want to come and spin at your own pace, feel free to do that too:

7:00 Warm-up
:15×4 – each 15 seconds gets faster
1:00 recovery
:30×4 – each 30 seconds gets faster
1:00 recovery
:45×4 – each 45 seconds gets faster
1:30 recovery
1:00×4 – each 1:00 gets faster
1:30 recovery
2:00×4 – each 2:00 gets faster
2:00 recovery
1:00×4 – each 1:00 gets faster
1:30 recovery
:45×4 – each :45 gets faster
1:30 recovery
:30×4 – each :30 gets faster
1:00 recovery
:15×4 – each :15 gets faster
4:00 Warm-down

Doors open at 5:45, ride starts by 6:30. Bring your bike, trainer, towel, and 5 bucks to pay the always-awesome Maglianero Cafe for the use of the space.