Indoor Group Ride, Thursday, 2/7, 5:45 PM at Maglianero Cafe- Request Night!

Greetings cyclists!

(If all you need to know is where, when and what, the answer is Maglianero, 47 Maple Street in Burlington, 5:45 PM to set up and the ride starts at 6:30 this week. Bring your bike, your trainer, five bucks, water and a towel. )

Yes, we ride once again this week! By now you know the drill and if you don't just have a ramble on our blog for details. For this week, since we have now done all of the available Sufferfest videos and because the Wheel of Pain is not yet fully operational, I figured I would take requests this week. Pick from any of the Sufferfest videos that last around and hour, and we'll do one of them. Leave a comment on the blog or just arrive with ideas tomorrow night and we'll pick one.

Those videos would be:

Angels (Climbing)
The Hunted (Climbing)
There is No Try (Speed)
A Very Dark Place (Speed)
The Wretched (Race)

I left Downward Spiral off the list because we just did it last week.

Check the Sufferfest website for details on these rides and let me know what your pleasure (pain) is for this week's ride. As a reminder, we will NOT be riding on Thursday, February 14th, so get your ride in this week when you can!

See you there,