Indoor Group Ride, 3/7 at Maglianero Cafe, 5:45 PM. Also, announcing Kidical Mass!

Greetings cyclists!

(If all you need to know is where, when and what, the answer is Maglianero, 47 Maple Street in Burlington, 5:45 PM to set up and the ride starts at 6:30 this week. Bring your bike, your trainer, five bucks, and a towel. )

I wanted to start this week's post by announcing another project I'm working on- it's called Burlington Vermont Kidical Mass and it's all about sharing the love of cycling with its youngest participants by organizing kid-oriented group rides in the Burlington area. If you or someone you know has kids who might be interested, please check it out and share the link to the blog (www.btvkidicalmass.blogspot.com)

This Week's Ride:

On tap for this week, we have one of the newest Sufferfest videos: There is No Try. The last time we did this one was January 3rd...

It should be fun. Here's what the workout looks like, but as always if you just want to come and spin at your own pace, feel free to do that too:

7:00 Warm-up
:15×4 – each 15 seconds gets faster
1:00 recovery
:30×4 – each 30 seconds gets faster
1:00 recovery
:45×4 – each 45 seconds gets faster
1:30 recovery
1:00×4 – each 1:00 gets faster
1:30 recovery
2:00×4 – each 2:00 gets faster
2:00 recovery
1:00×4 – each 1:00 gets faster
1:30 recovery
:45×4 – each :45 gets faster
1:30 recovery
:30×4 – each :30 gets faster
1:00 recovery
:15×4 – each :15 gets faster
4:00 Warm-down

I'd also go so far as to recommend a strategy for riding this workout, which often talks about levels of effort increasing in small increments at the same cadence...

Use your gears to make the necessary speed changes. When each interval is about to start, get down in your 13, 12 or 11 cog and shift up three times. Then start the interval and make one shift each time the video tells you to go harder. 

A little experience will tell you whether running the bottom of your cassette like that gets you in the ballpark on cadence and effort level. 

When I ride a workout like this on my rollers, with little resistance and no adjustability, I'll just compensate with higher cadences if I run out of gears. Yeah, I know that means I might not get as much of the high-power, low cadence part of the workout, but as long as I end the hour crosseyed and exhausted, I'm a happy camper!

Bring your bike, trainer, towel, and 5 bucks to pay the always-awesome Maglianero Cafe for the use of the space.