Last Ride of the season! Thursday, 3/28, 5:45 PM at Maglianero Cafe- Fabulous Prizes!

Hi all-

You know the drill by now! 5:45 to set up, 6:30 to ride. Bring your bike, trainer, five bucks, and a towel!

Well, this is it. By my count this last ride will be our 18th ride of the season since we started back in November.

I plan on bringing the Suitcase of Courage once again, containing the now-famous Wheel of Pain. Any video under an hour besides Revolver is fair game.

Also inside the Suitcase are our fabulous prizes for the end of the year, so show up and you might take home a hat, some tire levers, a seat cover, or at the very least some Clif bars that don't expire until the end of next month or so!

I'd like to close by thanking Maglianero for hosting us again this season- they have been really great about letting us use their space and are great about supporting cycling in Burlington!

So what do we do now that VTIndoor is done for the season, Matt? 

Glad you asked:

  • Weel, duh, go outside and ride!
  •  If you have and/or ride with kids, please come ride with us at Kidical Mass Burlington, kicking off on Saturday April 6th on the Burlington bike path. Lots more information available at www.btvkidicalmass.blogspot.com
  • If you want to get in on some sweet head-to-head roller racing, look for Mad Dashes to make a return to Burlington soon. Details are just coming together now, but Burlington will not go without roller racing for long! 
Gee, those three things (VT indoor, Kidical Mass, and Mad Dashes) all involve bicycles- wouldn't it be great if they were all bundled together somehow? 

Yes, yes it would. And it just might happen. Please keep your eyes and ears peeled for the launch of Vermont Bicycles United, which will be my effort to bring these rather unconventional riding experiences together to support and enhance Vermont's cycling community:

More (including shameless pleas for funding and sponsorship) to come soon.