Thank You Everybody For a Great Season- Please Check Out Vermont Bicycles United!

Greetings cyclists!

Matt here. It's Tuesday, which is normally the day I send out my email to all of you about the upcoming Thursday night indoor group ride at Maglianero.

It's Tuesday, but it's April. And we only ride from November through March. It felt pretty silly last week, standing in the Maglianero parking lot in full sun and warm air, going inside to ride bikes. It felt silly, but it felt pretty silly slipping and sliding through the results of this morning's little snow squall, too. Such is spring in Vermont.

I just wanted to write to all of you who rode with us this last season and extend my thanks to you. Thank you so much for coming out (in?) to ride together. Thanks for being willing to throw down five bucks a night to keep the space open at Maglianero, and thanks for helping with the setup and teardown every night too. By my count, we rode 18 times between November and March,. That's 18 times I would have otherwise had to gut it out on the trainer alone, or maybe I wouldn't have even been motivated to ride at all! What a great thing. Thank you also to Maglianero for providing the great space to ride in. I couldn't think of anywhere better.

Now, before you all move on, filling in your race calendars, tuning your bikes, and plotting your outdoor adventures, I want to ask for one more thing:

Please, please check out Vermont Bicycles United.

I've found my niche in Vermont's bike culture by leading indoor BYO bike and trainer group rides out of a basement bike-themed coffee shop. Now spring's here and I'm kicking off kid-oriented group rides under the Kidical Mass moniker. I'm going to make it a big thing this summer- you know, costume rides, storytellers, picnics, bike-in movies... Then there's roller racing, which has been going on in Burlington but hasn't happened yet this year and needs a push to become more sustainable. I got in touch with the former organizers and I put  together a deal to buy up their equipment along with the A/V equipment I need.

The goal of these three projects is to get bikes in people's faces in unconventional places and situations. (Goldsprints at an aquarium? why not? What about kids Goldsprints?)  But I need some money to make it happen.

Please Like and Share the VBU Facebook page broadly, and give generously if you can. You'll notice there are some great thank-you gifts available there, including VBU tees and season passes to ride with VT Indoor cycling next year.

Thanks again,