Announcing Vermont Indoor Cycling's 2013-2014 Riding Season

Hey Everybody- 

Matt here- If you are reading this please just stop, forget about the dates and times and places, and please go to this post instead. We have run into some technical difficulties and need to regroup a bit. 



Greetings present and future VTIndoor riders!

Things have been a little quiet on this blog for some time, but please do not mistake my silence for inaction. Lots of things have been going on in the VTIndoor world, and I'm really excited to finally be able to announce them to you all.

First off, I'm not sure if you know this, but our host for the last two winters, the always-excellent Maglianero Cafe, is moving their space around and will be out of the basement and up on Maple Street shortly. At the same time, I have been attending numerous events over the summer and fall at ArtsRiot and struck up a broad conversation with Felix Wai from there about bikes, bike culture, and ways we can work together.

The upshot of that summer-long conversation is this:

1.  We will be riding bikes inside at the ArtsRiot space at 400 Pine Street every Thursday night, November through March this year. I have updated the calendar to reflect those dates.

This is what an ArtsRiot looks like. 400 Pine street. get down there- something great is probably happening there right now as you read this.  

2. Riders will not be required to pay to ride as they have been in the past. We'll probably do a donation jar for a worthy cause from time to time, and I'll be happy to take funds to buy more Sufferfest videos and things like that, but riding will be FREE this year. Also, the Wheel of Pain will be back. Maybe we can work out a donation system so you can buy your way out of a bad spin on the wheel?

3. Did I mention that ArtsRiot is also a restaurant with excellent food and beer? And that it will be open while we are riding in the gallery space? That you will be able to get off the trainer and go buy a post-ride beer? Well, you will, and you should.

Yeah, you will be hungry when you get off the bike, and there will be food. 

4. Starting on December 5th, every first Thursday of the month will be a Mad Dashes Roller Racing event as well as a VTIndoor training night, all in the same space. We are working to partner with Old Spokes Home and others on this. it is going to be huge, and our number-one goal is to get as many people who have never raced a bike before to jump on those rollers and give it a go.

I made this logo. Tilt yer head for a better view. Also, somebody more qualified than I am will likely do a better logo before we commit it to a T-Shirt, water bottles, posters etc.  

Other items of note:

There is a new Sufferfest video or two to add to the Wheel of Pain. If you haven't seen the trailer for "It seemed Like a Good Idea at the Time" or "Violator" yet, well, here you go:



Stay tuned, get in those last amazing fall Vermont rides, and GET PUMPED for the winter season. It's going to be epic.