Mad Dashing on Thursday, December 12 at ArtsRiot- and a note on the importance of "stoke."

Hey all-

December 12 approaches rapidly and we are on track to have our first Mad Dashes Roller Race of the season at ArtsRiot that night- registration at 7:00, racing starts at 8:00.

It's going to be great and you really, really should go. Let me explain why I think so:

When I started Vermont Indoor Cycling, it was a way to put a name and a logo on the idea of open-to-the-public indoor group bicycle rides- some friends and I were looking for a place to get together on our trainers during the winter and that was about it. While I expected it to be a great workout, what I didn't expect was the energy level or "stoke" around bikes that riding together could bring to me and the other riders. We all felt it.

Stoke is important. Without descending too far into the world of bro-speak, I would define stoke simply as enthusiasm that feeds the inner excitement and motivation you already have, even if you don't know you have it at all. So it's winter, it's dark, cold, and wet. Maybe you are a mountain biker or commuter and still riding, but the trails and roads are getting lonely. Maybe you're a roadie hanging up the bike for the year and looking to break out the nordic equipment. Maybe you rode a bike when you were in college and it has sat in the garage ever since. Maybe you don't even have a bike or you've never ridden on in your life.


Winter, in my mind, is a terrific time to get cyclists and noncyclists of all types together in a fun, party atmosphere to ride bikes and watch other people ride bikes while sharing food, drink, and good cheer. I guarantee that even if you just come and watch, that internal fire you have will be stoked by coming to this event. YOU WILL BE STOKED.

You will want to ride bikes more, which is a GOOD THING. You might want to ride for transportation, WHICH IS A GOOD THING. Or you might just get excited for riding in the spring ALSO GOOD.

We are working on prizes and incentives to ride. I don't have all the details yet, but this much I do know:

  • There will be a beer special for those of you willing to get up on the bikes and race. If you get on a bike and race, you will be able to get 16oz Lionshead beers for $2:
  • There will be some gear from Switchback Brewery for racers! Hats, Ice scrapers, that kind of stuff. Gift certificates for apparel, too!
  • We will do a drawing among all racers for some sweet Lazer Revert winter helmets- these are CPSC helmets, which means bike or snow, you are good to go! (2 of these will be available on 12/12 and 2 more at each subsequent race)
  • Racing will get you in the running for more and bigger prizes that we will draw for at the last event of the season in the springtime. 

So get pumped, get excited, tell your friends, and lets get together on 12/12 to stoke that bicycle fire!