Riding Thursday Night, 3/20, 6:00 PM at Chef's Corner South End, 208 Flynn Avenue

Ok folks, last ride of the season!

I know there's another Thursday in March, but that one (3/27) will be for Mad Dashes at ArtsRiot.

So this is it, your last chance at a VTindoor group trainer ride for the year.

It's been fun and I look forward to many more rides together next year, but even moreso, I'm looking forward to getting outside again.

But let's get one more indoor ride in this week and hope somehow that our sacrifice at the altar of rollers and trainers hastens the arrival of warm weather, sun, and smooth roads.

Free indoor group trainer/roller ride

3/20, 6:00 PM

Chef's Corner South End, 208 Flynn Avenue in Burlington

Your bike, trainer or rollers, and a towel

See you there,



No ride tonight- see you all on 3/20!

No ride tonight, folks- if you're like me your schedule has probably gotten all discombobulated by the snow and you may have some shoveling-related household chores waiting for you at home. Or maybe you're on the mountain in which case I hate you. Either way, please come next week, 3/20, for our last ride of the season.


Snow Hold for our 3/13 Ride

I'm going to ask everybody to sit tight and see how the weather unfolds tomorrow. If it looks like we'll all be pretty well dug out tomorrow afternoon, let's go ahead and ride, but if it is really bad at 3:00 or so, I'll call it and cancel.

Fingers crossed, go play in the snow!


Riding Thursday night, 3/6, 6:00 PM at Chef's Corner South End

Hey everybody.

Mad Dashes was a total blast last week. If you missed it because you decided to ride rollers all alone instead, I feel sorry for you, because you could have been banging out 13-second sprints like my friend Chris (a fellow VTIndoor rider) and I did:

But I digress.

It's back to training this week. It's March. We'll ride again on 3/13, and 3/20, then back to Mad Dashes on 3/27.

If you haven't been training at all, if you haven't even LOOKED at your bike since mid-October- this is your wake-up call. Consider it a message from Future You. The You that's going to want to go for a ride on that first nice day in April, the you who is going to go out on that sunny, mild day and feel totally hosed while riding 3/4 of your normal speed and distance, because Present You didn't opt to put in a single trainer ride all winter.

Future You is very, very disappointed.

It doesn't have to be that way, though. You can still make Future You happy, all while getting Present You off his or her butt and getting together with some other riders for a little informal training session. We'll ride to a Sufferfest video, but if Present You is feeling a little wobbly, that's OK. You can listen to the music and watch the countryside roll by on the video, paying no mind when the sound turns to a starter's pistol or the screen's prompts to ATTACK.

Ride hard, ride easy, but just come on down and ride it's more fun than doing it alone, and better for you than another night on the couch with Netflix.

Future You will thank you for it.

Indoor Trainer Group Ride

Chef's Corner South End, 208 Flynn Avenue in Burlington

Your bike, your trainer or rollers, a towel, water to drink, etc.

See you there,



MAD DASHES Goldsprints Races Thursday 2/27, 7:30PM at ArtsRiot in Burlington!

People, the time has come.

Perhaps, like me, you hung up the outdoor bike back around Thanksgiving and haven't gotten back on it since. Maybe you switched over to riding a trainer, maybe rollers. Maybe you've headed down and ridden with a VTIndoor ride. maybe you've resorted to spin classes, or maybe, just maybe even running.  Maybe you've been able to keep up riding outside, in which case, good on you!

Anyway, it's turning into late winter. it's raining outside and it's about to get cold again. Spring is a ways off, and chances to show your prowess, your ability to "win the bike," as the UVM cycling kids like to say, are few and far between.

Have I got something for you.

It's called Mad Dashes and it is Burlington's very own goldsprints racing series, and the next one is happening next week.

What's goldsprints? Let's take this into a first-person point of view for a minute:

You head down to ArtsRiot on Pine Street. It's the last Thursday in February. You're in street clothes. Sturdy sneakers. You grab a beer, you find a guy or gal with a clipboard and sign your life away. The music starts pumping. the lights go down. There are two bikes on stage, no front wheels, bolted to frames. A projector shines a clock face on the wall behind them. The races start. People are up on the bikes two at a time, no more than 15 seconds of riding, then back down again. Your heart is racing by the time they call your name. You put your beer down. You strap into the pedals, check the seat height. The MC counts you off.

3, 2, 1...


Everybody is screaming in your face. You spin the pedals. It feels easy at first, then harder. How much more of this is left? You cast a quick glance over your shoulder. How can this only be half over? Your opponent is doing much the same.

Time. Stretches. Out.

Then it's over.

You come of the bike, jiggly-legged, exhilarated. out of breath. Hungry for more. Looking forward to your next chance, perhaps in the finals bracket, perhaps in a grudge match against a friend, a teammate, somebody who wore the same coat as you,whatever.

You do it again, and again. Maybe you take home some prizes, maybe not. But you leave excited for cycling, excited to get out and ride, ready to come back and do it all over again at the next event.

Come and ride with us on the 27th. I'll help you sign in and race. Old Spokes Home, Switchback Beer, Maglianero Cafe, and Lazer Helmets will provide the prizes.  KJ Gollum will DJ. Click this link for details.

Just show up. I'll convince you to race, and once you do it once, you'll be back for more.

See you there,



Riding this Week at Chef's Corner South End, Thursday, 2/20, 6:00PM

Hi everybody-

First off, sorry I cancelled last week's ride with such short notice. I was hoping the little snowstorm we had would hold off enough to get everybody down there, but by the time I drove home from work at 5:00, it was looking wicked greasy out there and I was worried that by the time we got done it might be truly bad out.

But, time heals all wounds, and a week has passed. This is our last ride for the month of February, because next week on the 27th, it's time for Mad Dashes again down at ArtsRiot. More on that soon.

Location: 208 Flynn Avenue, in the brick buildings on the right before the railroad tracks.

Time: Setup around 6:00 and start riding by 6:30. Rides generally go and hour to an hour and a half.

Ride: Selection is by group consensus or a spin of the Wheel of Pain. 

See you there,



Riding Together is Better- Ride Together with Us, Thursday, 2/13, 6:00Pm at Chef's Corner South End

Hey everybody-

We'll be riding together again this week at Chef's Corner South End. It's our usual Thursday night gig at 6:00PM, riders' choice for the video or we can let the Wheel of Pain decide. On to other things:

As you might imagine, cyclists all over the northern hemisphere are whiling away the winter months putting in hours on their indoor contraption of choice. But, as in all things cycling, there is tradition. Tradition! From that adherence to tradition (and a healthy dose of indignance when baseball caps started showing up on riders' heads on the podium) the hashtag #capsnothats started making the rounds.  Now, there is another, related to our chosen means of keeping up our winter fitness:

So, if you are advanced enough in your tech-savvy-ness, and are out on twitter or even Instagram or Facebook, you can follow the hashtag #rollersnottrainers, which is a little contest Tati Cycles out in Chicago is putting on. The rules are simple: shoot a little one-shot video of riding rollers, and  put it up on twitter with the hashtag. They are giving away t-shirts and eventually, a set of rollers from Jet Black as prizes.

Anyway, I want for VtIndoor to be open to everyone of all levels, and certainly there is a barrier to entry (balance!) related to getting onto rollers. Nobody is going to make fun of you for showing up with a trainer. In fact, I keep a spare one in my car for anybody who wants to use it. However, from my personal experience, rollers are better for all of the reasons everybody says they are. You get smooth, you get more engaged, you have to think a little bit.

So, I'll go ahead and make a little #rollersnottrainers video at this week's session and if we win anything, we'll draw for it at the end of the year, or we can make the rollers available to one new rider per week, a sort of scholarship to putting a little soul into your winter workouts.
Bring: your bike, your trainer/rollers, your  towel.

Location: 208 Flynn Avenue, in the brick Buildings on the right before the railroad tracks.

Time: Setup around 6:00 and start riding by 6:30. Rides generally go and hour to an hour and a half.

See you there,



FREE Indoor Group Ride! Thursday, 2/6, 6:00 PM at Chef's Corner South End, 208 Flynn Avenue in Burlington

Just like the title says, we'll be at it again riding at Chef's Corner South End tomorrow night, February 6th.

Show up around 6:00 with your bike, trainer/rollers, and towel and lets ride and sweat together to one of a number of fantastic videos from The Sufferfest. Rides go anywhere from a little under an hour to an hour and a half. Ride as much or as little as you want, spin away and watch the scenery go by, or hit every sprint and climb like it was your last, your choice!

I'll hit "Play" on the video at 6:30 sharp. Gotta finish up in time to grab a yogurt at SoYo before I blow out of town for the night!

See you there,



Riding again, Thursday, 1/30, 6:00PM at Chef's Corner South End, 208 Flynn Avenue

Hey everybody-

So last week was one of my monthly dalliances into the grim underbelly of stationary bicycle racing, otherwise known as goldsprints, locally known as Mad Dashes here in the fine city of Burlington.

Beers were drank, thresholds were tested, and rivalries were created and decided all in an atmosphere of loud music and bright lights over at ArtsRiot. If you're bummed out to have missed it, fear not- we'll be back with more dashes in February, March, and April. Keep an eye out here for dates.

But for now, it's back to a little long-form training over at Chef's Corner. Last time we were there, Steve B. and I took on Angels, with lots of climbing and, we agreed, the very best "recovery" (I'm sorry, but 100+ RPM isn't a recovery for me, no matter how low the resistance) footage of all of the Sufferfest videos. It is France? Spain? Just somewhere in the Pyrenees?

Oh yeah, and "bonus" sprints at the end.

What will it be this week? Let's let the Wheel decide.

Bring: your bike, your trainer/rollers, your  towel.

Location: 208 Flynn Avenue, in the brick Buildings on the right before the railroad tracks.

Time: Setup around 6:00 and start riding by 6:30. Rides generally go and hour to an hour and a half.

See you there,



Don't forget! Mad Dashes Tonight at ArtsRiot!

I rode my rollers this morning for an hour between 5 and 6 AM.

Know why?

Because it was my shot at getting a workout in today, that's why.

Because tonight, instead of setting up Sufferfest and spinning the Wheel of Pain, I'll be setting up a laptop and rollers so that we can RACE bikes inside down at ArtsRiot on Pine Street.

Sign-in starts at 7:30 and we'll start racing at 8:00. Everybody does a 250 meter sprint against somebody, then we'll do some grudge matches and challenges, if anybody is so inclined, then we'll start running people off by time and distributing prizes from Switchback, Old Spokes Home, Maglianero, and Lazer helmets!

Event page here.

It will be a blast!

We'll be back at Chef's Corner South End for another VTIndoor ride next week on 1/30. Stay tuned for details!


Riding again this week! Thursday, January 16, 6:00PM at Chef's Corner South End, 208 Flynn Avenue in Burlington

Hey everybody!

Great ride last week. Myself, one familiar face, and three new ones is a pretty excellent turnout in my mind given that I announced the ride less than 24 hours before it happened.

Let's do it again this week, but bigger.

Come on down to Chef's Corner South End on Thursday night. Turn down Flynn Avenue from Pine Street and head into the complex of brick buildings on your right. If you cross the railroad tracks you've gone too far. Once you come into the parking lot, turn right and you'll be looking at a wooden walkway between two of the buildings. Up that walkway and on the left will put you in Sufferlandria, I mean, Chef's Corner.

Show up around 6:00 to set up and we'll start riding by 6:30. Rides go from an hour to no more than two hours. Do as much or as little as you want.

This is a FREE ride. Bring yourself, your bike, your trainer/rollers and a towel.

And, as per usual, the Wheel of Pain decides the ride!

Also, this is your last ride to get in shape for Mad Dashes on Thursday, January 23rd over at ArtsRiot. You're off the hook for Sufferfest that night, but I expect to see you all there to race!



FREE Indoor Riding Tonight! Chef's Corner, 208 Flynn Avenue, 5:30-8:30 PM

Hi everybody!

Things have been crazy, what with the holidays, getting Mad Dashes roller racing back off the ground, and the rest of life in general.

Thanks to VTIndoor rider Paul H, we have space to ride- it's at Chef's Corner at 208 Flynn Avenue. This is the big cluster of brick buildings on Flynn before you cross the railroad tracks- I am told it used to be a chocolate factory.

Anyway, come on in any time after 5, I'll probably be there by 5:30, and we'll try to set up and be riding by 6 or so. Bring a towel, bike, trainer. Thanks to Chef's corner, this is now a FREE event. No money necessary.

This will be a regular ride on Thursday nights, so plan on it for future Thursdays as well. I'll update the calendar soon. See you there, Matt