Riding again, Thursday, 1/30, 6:00PM at Chef's Corner South End, 208 Flynn Avenue

Hey everybody-

So last week was one of my monthly dalliances into the grim underbelly of stationary bicycle racing, otherwise known as goldsprints, locally known as Mad Dashes here in the fine city of Burlington.

Beers were drank, thresholds were tested, and rivalries were created and decided all in an atmosphere of loud music and bright lights over at ArtsRiot. If you're bummed out to have missed it, fear not- we'll be back with more dashes in February, March, and April. Keep an eye out here for dates.

But for now, it's back to a little long-form training over at Chef's Corner. Last time we were there, Steve B. and I took on Angels, with lots of climbing and, we agreed, the very best "recovery" (I'm sorry, but 100+ RPM isn't a recovery for me, no matter how low the resistance) footage of all of the Sufferfest videos. It is France? Spain? Just somewhere in the Pyrenees?

Oh yeah, and "bonus" sprints at the end.

What will it be this week? Let's let the Wheel decide.

Bring: your bike, your trainer/rollers, your  towel.

Location: 208 Flynn Avenue, in the brick Buildings on the right before the railroad tracks.

Time: Setup around 6:00 and start riding by 6:30. Rides generally go and hour to an hour and a half.

See you there,