MAD DASHES Goldsprints Races Thursday 2/27, 7:30PM at ArtsRiot in Burlington!

People, the time has come.

Perhaps, like me, you hung up the outdoor bike back around Thanksgiving and haven't gotten back on it since. Maybe you switched over to riding a trainer, maybe rollers. Maybe you've headed down and ridden with a VTIndoor ride. maybe you've resorted to spin classes, or maybe, just maybe even running.  Maybe you've been able to keep up riding outside, in which case, good on you!

Anyway, it's turning into late winter. it's raining outside and it's about to get cold again. Spring is a ways off, and chances to show your prowess, your ability to "win the bike," as the UVM cycling kids like to say, are few and far between.

Have I got something for you.

It's called Mad Dashes and it is Burlington's very own goldsprints racing series, and the next one is happening next week.

What's goldsprints? Let's take this into a first-person point of view for a minute:

You head down to ArtsRiot on Pine Street. It's the last Thursday in February. You're in street clothes. Sturdy sneakers. You grab a beer, you find a guy or gal with a clipboard and sign your life away. The music starts pumping. the lights go down. There are two bikes on stage, no front wheels, bolted to frames. A projector shines a clock face on the wall behind them. The races start. People are up on the bikes two at a time, no more than 15 seconds of riding, then back down again. Your heart is racing by the time they call your name. You put your beer down. You strap into the pedals, check the seat height. The MC counts you off.

3, 2, 1...


Everybody is screaming in your face. You spin the pedals. It feels easy at first, then harder. How much more of this is left? You cast a quick glance over your shoulder. How can this only be half over? Your opponent is doing much the same.

Time. Stretches. Out.

Then it's over.

You come of the bike, jiggly-legged, exhilarated. out of breath. Hungry for more. Looking forward to your next chance, perhaps in the finals bracket, perhaps in a grudge match against a friend, a teammate, somebody who wore the same coat as you,whatever.

You do it again, and again. Maybe you take home some prizes, maybe not. But you leave excited for cycling, excited to get out and ride, ready to come back and do it all over again at the next event.

Come and ride with us on the 27th. I'll help you sign in and race. Old Spokes Home, Switchback Beer, Maglianero Cafe, and Lazer Helmets will provide the prizes.  KJ Gollum will DJ. Click this link for details.

Just show up. I'll convince you to race, and once you do it once, you'll be back for more.

See you there,