Riding Together is Better- Ride Together with Us, Thursday, 2/13, 6:00Pm at Chef's Corner South End

Hey everybody-

We'll be riding together again this week at Chef's Corner South End. It's our usual Thursday night gig at 6:00PM, riders' choice for the video or we can let the Wheel of Pain decide. On to other things:

As you might imagine, cyclists all over the northern hemisphere are whiling away the winter months putting in hours on their indoor contraption of choice. But, as in all things cycling, there is tradition. Tradition! From that adherence to tradition (and a healthy dose of indignance when baseball caps started showing up on riders' heads on the podium) the hashtag #capsnothats started making the rounds.  Now, there is another, related to our chosen means of keeping up our winter fitness:

So, if you are advanced enough in your tech-savvy-ness, and are out on twitter or even Instagram or Facebook, you can follow the hashtag #rollersnottrainers, which is a little contest Tati Cycles out in Chicago is putting on. The rules are simple: shoot a little one-shot video of riding rollers, and  put it up on twitter with the hashtag. They are giving away t-shirts and eventually, a set of rollers from Jet Black as prizes.

Anyway, I want for VtIndoor to be open to everyone of all levels, and certainly there is a barrier to entry (balance!) related to getting onto rollers. Nobody is going to make fun of you for showing up with a trainer. In fact, I keep a spare one in my car for anybody who wants to use it. However, from my personal experience, rollers are better for all of the reasons everybody says they are. You get smooth, you get more engaged, you have to think a little bit.

So, I'll go ahead and make a little #rollersnottrainers video at this week's session and if we win anything, we'll draw for it at the end of the year, or we can make the rollers available to one new rider per week, a sort of scholarship to putting a little soul into your winter workouts.
Bring: your bike, your trainer/rollers, your  towel.

Location: 208 Flynn Avenue, in the brick Buildings on the right before the railroad tracks.

Time: Setup around 6:00 and start riding by 6:30. Rides generally go and hour to an hour and a half.

See you there,