Riding Thursday night, 3/6, 6:00 PM at Chef's Corner South End

Hey everybody.

Mad Dashes was a total blast last week. If you missed it because you decided to ride rollers all alone instead, I feel sorry for you, because you could have been banging out 13-second sprints like my friend Chris (a fellow VTIndoor rider) and I did:

But I digress.

It's back to training this week. It's March. We'll ride again on 3/13, and 3/20, then back to Mad Dashes on 3/27.

If you haven't been training at all, if you haven't even LOOKED at your bike since mid-October- this is your wake-up call. Consider it a message from Future You. The You that's going to want to go for a ride on that first nice day in April, the you who is going to go out on that sunny, mild day and feel totally hosed while riding 3/4 of your normal speed and distance, because Present You didn't opt to put in a single trainer ride all winter.

Future You is very, very disappointed.

It doesn't have to be that way, though. You can still make Future You happy, all while getting Present You off his or her butt and getting together with some other riders for a little informal training session. We'll ride to a Sufferfest video, but if Present You is feeling a little wobbly, that's OK. You can listen to the music and watch the countryside roll by on the video, paying no mind when the sound turns to a starter's pistol or the screen's prompts to ATTACK.

Ride hard, ride easy, but just come on down and ride it's more fun than doing it alone, and better for you than another night on the couch with Netflix.

Future You will thank you for it.

Indoor Trainer Group Ride

Chef's Corner South End, 208 Flynn Avenue in Burlington

Your bike, your trainer or rollers, a towel, water to drink, etc.

See you there,