Forwarding Address

Hi everybody-

You may have noticed there haven't been too many updates here.

As my projects have grown, I have decided to move future work on Vermont Indoor Cycling over to the Vermont Goldsprints website. Keep an eye on the blog over there for ride announcements!

You may have noticed that we haven't been riding this winter (2014-1015).

I still have a lot of interest in leading group rides in the winter, but the logistics and the space to do so has become too much for me to take on this winter. It's tougher than you think to go out asking to use somebody else's space, during their off hours, for free.

I have the Sufferfest Videos, the projector, and a set of speakers and certainly the desire to set up a ride on request if the opportunity arises. If anybody reading this wants to host a pop-up group ride, I am ready to go! Just give me a shout.

I am also actively looking for space and time to bring this all back next winter for the 2015-2016 season, so please stay tuned.  I have been thinking about early morning (pre-work sessions as a possibility) if that helps. Mornings are sometimes easier to schedule than evenings.