Our Sponsors

VTIndoor would like to extend its special thanks to:

Chef's Corner South End
208 Flynn Avenue, Burlington

Eddie over at Chef's Corner South End has been happy to host us during the 2013-2014 season, and he's been doing it for FREE. Nothing, nada, lint in your pockets. You just show up down there on a VTIndoor night and bring your bike and trainer and ride! You've gotta love that. Next time you've got business in the South End, swing buy and grab a bite there!

Maglianero Cafe
47 Maple Street in Burlington 

What can I say? Maglianero didn't even blink when I asked if they would be interested in hosting our indoor group rides back in 2012. Besides providing excellent coffee, food, and work/event/meeting space, Maglianero has brought the mission of their "modern mobility movement" to Burlington by supporting the cycling community with showers, tools, secure bike storage, and more! Please support us by coming to our rides but please, please support Maglianero by making them your go-to coffee shop, pastry source, meeting place, and event venue downtown!

Cape Cod, Vermont, New England and Beyond

Ben Nugent is a cyclist and a professional photographer with over a decade of experience in commercial, portrait, and event photography. He's been a personal friend of VtIndoor's founder for over a dozen years and a member of his family for eight. He's an all-around great guy and his eye for great images combined with his undying drive and dedication to his customers makes him a huge asset to VtIndoor. Ben will be visiting us during the 2012-2013 season to get some shots of our rides and to get a little indoor training in for himself.